Friday, July 2, 2010


I like diners: they're quick, cheap-ish, and usually have interesting photo ops. The Ardmore has a generally spectacular chocolate shake, the eponymous (and magnificently unhealthful) Melt, and excellent fries; Johnny's (with a much more homemade feel overall) has a great club, chickenburger, fish and chips, soups, and fucking great pie (apple, banana- and coconut-cream). And the crew at Johnny's mind my folks pretty closely when they're there.

Yesterday, we went to the Ardmore for brunch. I had steak-and-eggs to go with the my shake, and while they weren't like the pommes frîtes (which, in combination with the blueberry pancakes and a cappuccino and smoothie went a good way toward to solving the odd bout of alcohol poisoning) I used to get at Sebastien's, they were food-ish; and I got this shot.

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