Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some people you just can't help

A few years ago, I hit on the idea of shooting kids at my daughter's school during morning recess, and then selling prints (at, as it turns out, an obscenely discounted price) to their rich parents at the Christmas Fair. I love shooting kids, and twice, it went well: lots of acceptable shots, a few gems; many happy parents (and they should have been, at the price they were paying). Then, some silly twat got all fucking twisted up at the thought that anyone could walk into the Fair and buy a print, and well, won't someone please think of the children, and that was fucking that.

It's no wonder I'm pissed off so much, eh?


  1. Years ago I wouldn't have thought twice about photographing children in public, they make great subjects. In recent years I wouldn't think of taking a child's picture, self-censoring because of the climate that people immediately think of pedophiles and abductions. Its a shame really, I understand people's fear but at the same time it means such a hardening of the way we see life around us.

  2. I just don't give a fuck and make the exposure if I want to.

  3. Really superior stuff 'Murph. You are one talented S.O.B!


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